Client: Arches Housing Association Limited

Site: Catherine Street, Burgreave, Sheffield

Project Description: Sheffield is renowned for its hills, and this particular site was no exception, our task was to construct 16 new dwellings, 14 of which were located on Catherine Street & Brotherton Road, with the remaining 2 located on Cranworth Road.

The dwellings comprised of 2 and 3 bedroomed properties, constructed in brick with upvc windows and to achieve Code level 4, this was done by introducing Photo Voltaic units on the roof, steam condensing boilers with gas savers, water butts, sheds, composting bins and cycle storage.

Each unit had stepped foundations to overcome the severe gradients, but at the same time, achieving mobility access standards set by Sheffield County Council and the Scheme Development Standards.

This development was successfully delivered on budget and to the Clients full satisfaction.