Client: Arches Housing Association Limited

Site: Brameld Road & Brookfield Avenue, Swinton, South Yorkshire

Project Description: This development comprised of 28 new build dwellings, 26 of which were constructed along Brameld Road, these dwellings comprised of 12Nr 2B/4P houses, 3Nr 3B/6P houses, 7Nr 2B/3P bungalows, 2Nr 2B/3P wheelchair bungalows and 1Nr 3B/5P wheelchair bungalow.

Along the length of Brameld Road were 5 individual pieces of vacant land previously owned by Rotherham Council, the land also backed onto to existing Council owned flats and a mixture of private and Council owned houses.

The build process on this site was relatively straightforward, traditional shallow strip foundations, brick and block superstructures with concrete tiled roofs, however and as the site was so long and divided in two by not just Brameld Road, but also Toll Bar Road & Griffin Road, the logistics in carrying out the construction and planning the sequence of works, were certainly challenging, to add further complications, access for emergency services for certain disabled and aged residents in the existing flats, had to be maintained at all times.

Forming part of the contract were two additional dwellings (2 x 2B/4P) located at Brookfield Avenue, this location was at least a 15 minute walk from the main site, or a 5 minute drive, which in itself, added to managing the site safely and effectively, rather difficult.

Working with a very understanding and accommodating client made all the difference on this project, this was also supported by having a very professional client’s agent and good working relationship with the Local Authority. The combination of all parties pulling together led to the success of this scheme, of which, was handed over in various phases, ahead of time and all within financial budgets.

“A model development”