Client: Firebird Homes/Manningham Housing Association

Site: Hendford Drive, Bradford

Project Description: This project consisted of initially 27 new build dwellings, on an extremely challenging site, the site sat within a hollow with only a single access, and ground conditions were varied meaning that certain plots were piled, some were on traditional strip foundations and others on deep trench fill. Other obstacles to overcome were existing live services, ranging from high voltage electric cables, a main BT trunk service, cable media cabling linking large businesses, and, a 450mm diameter gas main which had to stay in situ. Due to locating certain services, it was found that by re-orientating a particular block of houses, an extra dwelling could be accommodated.

Several of the new properties were two and half storeys high, some with a lower ground floor level and then accommodation in the roof void.

The project was built in a complimentary artificial stone, which blended in well with the Bradford natural stone, also using artstone heads and cills, to maintain the surrounding features, plus using an artificial welsh blue roofing slate and colour coded windows/doors, which were also used.