Company Profile

Jack Lunn Limited is a mid-sized Construction Company based in Pudsey, Leeds. The business was formed out of the Jack Lunn Group of companies by two of the Group’s directors – Roy Lunn and Andrew Lunn.

Our work experience is wide and varied covering general sectors such as Social & Affordable Housing, Industrial & Commercial, Education and Health.

The Company generally operates within a 40 mile radius of its main office, working predominantly in the Yorkshire region

The business is well versed in all forms of building contracts (JCT Design & Build, JCT IFC, PPC & NEC) and will consider contracts ranging between £1m up to £20m.

Our staff comprise of highly skilled building professionals, fully qualified and affiliated to recognised Construction organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Building and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and who excel in offering a wealth of construction knowledge.

The key individuals have the ability to use years of experience to successfully add value and detail into each and every project, also offering a ‘straight talking’ and forward thinking attitude, a non-contractual approach which suits our clients and it is this relationship which is key to the success of the “Jack Lunn” Brand.

Jack Lunn Ltd – “Quality Built on Traditional Values”